The Project

The word Territory suggests the establishment of a location, but more than this, it reveals the several expressions of human interaction with the environment in which it lives. Considering such principle, the project Territoriar aims to promote the educational quality and school stay, by means of community participation in resignification of pedagogical spaces in the First cycle of Elementary School of Brazilian public schools, taking into account interacting, humanization, playfulness, investigation and feeling of territorial belonging.

Developed by Centro Marista de Defesa da Infância [Marist Center of Child Protection], the Territoriar Project recognizes that school environments can inspire new learning and operate as an educator. By incorporating the manifestation of colors, sounds, smells and objects in its composition, along with the students, their families and educators, it contributes to the integral development of children by stimulating creativity, autonomy, affection, participation, social interaction and expressions of different languages of children.

Based on the guidelines of School Infrastructure provided in strategy 18, goal 7 of Brazilian Plan of Education (PNE-MEC) and in experience of Rede Marista de Solidariedade [Marist Network of Solidarity] with a resume focused in rights, the project will operate in Cuiabá, Várzea Grande (MT), São Paulo (SP), Almirante Tamandaré, Colombo, Paranaguá (PR), and São José (SC), incorporating listening and participation of the entire school community, including children, families, educators, managers, volunteers, representatives of the Local Office of Education and other institutions of the Right Assurance System.